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That includes the first-generation Kindle Paperwhite. If you missed the March 22 yesterday's deadline for a software update, it may have stopped working properly.

Amazon recently issued what it calls a "critical update" for Kindle e-readers.

The Kindle uses the Amazon Whispernet service to download and install updates.

If a problem occurs that disrupts this connection, the update fails to continue.

Any magazine or newspaper subscriptions won't arrive, and if you use your Kindle for other cloud-based tasks such as reading email, that won't work either.

If you're using your Kindle on a regular basis, it's possible the update might have happened automatically.

Troubleshoot the potential culprits behind Kindle software update failure to get back to reading. Without an adequate battery charge, the Kindle can't install an update successfully.

If your Kindle becomes unresponsive during an update, you must restore functionality before the update can continue. The update should continue after the Kindle powers on.If you have an Amazon e-reader and haven't updated it in a while, you need to take action right now if you wish to keep using it.Here's how to update Kindle, which will stop working as intended if you don't update before 22 March 2016. In order to continue being able to download e-books and using other Kindle services, a critical update has been issued by Amazon for Kindle e-readers sold before 2014.• Plug the Kindle into its charging adaptor to ensure it has enough power to perform the update • Connect to Wi-Fi or use the built-in 2G/3G (see the table above for how you should connect) • From the home screen select Menu Check for Items • Leave your Kindle connected until the update is complete.It may restart several times, and you'll see a notification in your Kindle Library once the update has completed Read next: Best e-readers 2016.Leave the Kindle connected to a power source while the update installs to ensure adequate battery power.