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Despite the poor results, they still have five points separating them from the relegation zone. The match is on Saturday April 29th with kick-off at .

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He calls the genre "life streaming," and his Twitter brands him as its "god." At its best, life streaming blends improv, reality TV and situational comedy; look closely, and you can catch glimpses of everything from Punk'd to Cops, and maybe even an Allan Kaprow Happening or two.Last week, Ice and some friends set up an impromptu speed-dating booth on UCLA's campus and waved down coeds with the promise of free candy.Robert Mapplethorpe made his reputation as a photographer in the period between the 1969 gay-bashing raid at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street and the identification of HIV in 1983.This was the High Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, the Bourbon Louis Romp, the Victorian imperial pomp, the Jazz Age, the Camelot moonshot, the Swinging Sixties of gay culture in New York.

Ice Poseidon's "act" is simple: with a mobile broadcasting rig of his own design, he streams several hours of his conspicuously eventful life almost every single day.Hostels are everything the world should be and everything the world shouldn’t be, all at once.And while every hostel is unique, the crowd passing through tends to be more or less the same.The bulk of Mapplethorpe’s pictures of this era, which include a lot of willies, active and inert, chained, pinned, licked and bound, are, depending on your taste, exhilaratingly frank or wince-makingly disgusting.Mapplethorpe then made a second reputation, after an Aids diagnosis.In his decline, he shot a series of self-portraits showing the ravages the disease wrought on his once- pretty features.