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Lovers on screen and off: Gotham co-stars Benjamin Mckenzie an Morena Baccarin are romancing for real after it was revealed they are dating - they were seen holding hands at an Emmy Fox party on Sunday He told Elle: 'I'm really shy about that stuff. There's that saying, "Less said about the bedroom, the better."' Ex: The Brazillian born actress was married to Austin Chick, an American producer and director - they were wed in 2011 but split in 2015 after Chick filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences - they are seen here at the John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit in LA in 2013He likes to be a gentleman when it comes to dating - he revealed one of the best things about getting a regular acting gig was being able to take a woman out: 'Honestly, it was great to be able to take a girl out to a nice meal.

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Jesus' wife: File photo released by Harvard University shows a fragment of papyrus that divinity professor Karen L.

King said is the only existing ancient text that quotes Jesus explicitly referring to having a wife.

He said this showed it was a forgery and, by virtue of the fact they were likely written by the same artisan, so was the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”.

Now, researchers at Columbia University are running new tests on the ink used on the papyrus, and say that early results rule out Askeland’s theory.

On the issue of the sexuality of Jesus, the traditional understanding of Christian churches is that Jesus did not marry and remained celibate until his death.

That has not prevented speculation about alternative theories of his sexuality.

How are single Christians supposed to maintain focus on their relationship with God as well as honoring the desire He has placed deep within them for marriage, romance, sex and lifelong companionship? The List: thoughts on singleness, dating and discipleship The Bible and dating??

Sex and the Christian Humanizing the Same-Sex Discussion Why “Guarding your heart” is NOT primarily about dating Did you enjoy these resources?

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The more recent results do confirm this observation strongly.” Yardley said he would reveal no more until the research is published, at which point Askeland will have the opportunity to respond.New tests on a highly controversial papyrus fragment may add credence to evidence suggesting Jesus had a wife.The so-called “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” is a fragment of Coptic text no bigger than a business card, in which a translated line refers to Jesus saying the words “my wife”, as well as referencing a disciple called “Mary”.For the past few years, I’ve been using this term “sexual discipleship” to describe the passion behind the ministry Authentic Intimacy.I’ve noticed that when people hear me put those two words together, they are intrigued.Ehrman (a scholar of the Greek New Testament and Early Christianity) says that the question people ask him most often is whether Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth married each other: "It is not true that the Dead Sea Scrolls contained Gospels that discussed Mary and Jesus.