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To improve on that, Dee and his colleagues used a computerised statistical approach known as Bayesian modelling.
Am I on the right track in keeping our relationship and intimacy? Anna *** Dear Anna, Your letter is interesting particularly in what it omits.

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The rest of the time it'll be answered by one of my staff, not by me. I have several email addresses, none of which are hard to find. If you want to get in touch with me, pick your favourite email address of mine and send it a message. It may be immediately, or it may be a few days later. I use two IM networks: Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. When it comes to Hangouts, I rely on you guys to respect my boundaries: Try not to send me work-related stuff on my days off.

Unless your message is about work, I won't respond to it. I'll get your message on my watch, and I'll respond almost immediately (unless I'm napping or raiding or something).

I don't want to mute you, rather send me an email and I'll pick up your message at the appropriate time.

If you do, I'll probably mute you until the next day.

“Do I agree with some of the losers on his loser list today? Do I like that he is making this an exciting election and creating a conversation…?

Rachel pays Brittanny to become a fashion idol, only to find she created a monster.

When lamenting the lack of attention their girlfriends pay them post Valentines Day, Artie complains "..come down from their See's candy high...".

See's Candy is a 90 year old and iconic chocolatier based on the West Coast but nearly unknown on the East Coast and the sole store in the state of Ohio (where the story takes place) opened after this scene was shot.

THE SECRETARIES paints an odious canvas with a pretty brush, as the tight stitching of five seemingly straitlaced secretaries begins to fray.